Manufacturing glazed earthenware

We use natural clays. All our pieces are shaped by hand, turning and stamping.

turning: Producing a component with a turn from a ball of clay.

stamping: Making a piece of clay defined thickness that can be applied on a mold to give it shape.

The pieces made are then engobed, ie covered with a layer of clay affixed white liquid with a ladle or dipping, which will provide support for decoration.

We create our own color-based engobe and oxide dye which gives the relief characteristic touch.

After final drying, we conduct an initial firing around  950 degrees.

The parts are initially biscuit then dipped in a bath of enamel called covered or painted.

We then proceed to a second firing around 1000 degrees which will reveal the colors and give its final appearance in our pottery.

Ceramic is a material that breathes and patina. Irregularities of shape and color are not defects but témoignagne of craftsmanship.